Capricorn Tube Slipping Out Of Bowden Fitting on Hot End - Ender 3 Pro

  • ENDER 3 PRO:
    I updated my extruder to the one sold on amazon (Creality All Metal MK-8 Extruder Feeder Drive 3D Printer 4PCS Aluminum Leveling Hand Twist Nut and 1M Capricorn PTFE Bowden Tubing XS Series for Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro/Ender 5) and I installed the Capricorn tubing [The kit did not include a new bowden fitting for the hotend). The Capricorn tubing slips out of the bowden fitting at the hot end (I pushed it all all the way, but it easily comes out). Is there an easy fix? What size bowden fitting will work at the hot end?