Can't get Ender 5 Pro up update firmware via SD Card.

  • I added a BLTouch and wanted to also get rid of the TMC connection error message on my Ender 5 Pro with the 4.2.2 silent board.

    I compiled the firmware for Marlin Bugfix 2.0 and loaded the firmware.bin onto the root directory of a fresh formatted FAT32 SD card. Everytime it generates it gives the firmware file a unique name, so don't think it's a naming issue.

    It booted up normally without any indication the firmware was loaded and I confirmed through the display it wasn't. So, I downloaded the firmware.bin file directly from Creality and same issue.

    I even had the firmware generated as a .hex file to try and load it through the USB port with Cura. When I do that it says it loses communication and fails. Although right before then I can send the printer commands just fine.

    So, what could be the issue here? I'm thinking I may have a bad board that doesn't allow me to load the firmware on it.

  • @jsgage wow thank you so much! This helps me a lot to reset my firmware! It's very simple and do a lot of stuff.

    So my problem was : I try to update my firmware and the electricity cutoff. So I try to reset a lot of time with my Ender 5 Pro v4.2.2 board. This took me a lot of time to search how!

  • Rename firmware.bin to 1firmware.bin or afirmware.bin anything really just add a letter or number. because bootloader will on flash with different name each time .one name , one flash ..found this flashing other model firmware going to to one I tried before .ps doesn't like spaces trying multiple builds of marlin

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