how do I get the software on Mac computer I don't have windows computer

  • how do I connect my machine to an apple computer

  • Answer: plug in the USB cable (unless you have a CR-6 SE).

    iPhone or iPad - no, they don't run a full OS.

    Mac - no problem, just download Cura (and Repetier Host if desired, or Chitubox for MSLA), install, and connect the USB cable. I've been printing from MacOS since 2011-ish, and the only platform related problems I've had were due to bugs in some slicers, or one printer firmware that could only read Windows line endings for gcode.

    If you have a CR-6 SE: then don't connect the USB cable, because you'll probably burn something, just use the SD card instead. Follow the CR-6 SE forums for fixes to the heatbed and how to isolate the 5V line on the USB cable to prevent damage to the printer or computer.

  • @josepharthur maybe try re-downloading it, i got it to work on an old Macbook, so maybe try again, if not, than try another slicer.

  • @Stefano Good Point. I had assumed the poster was already aware of the process leading up to feeding the printer with G-Code.

    Set of tools typically follow this chain:

    1. Create or download a 3D model / Drawing
    2. Take model (often in the form of a .STL file) and convert it into G-Code
    3. Send G-Code to printer by putting it onto an SD card (recommended - no software needed) or via USB

    For 1) try TinkerCAD or Fusion360 (don't know if there's a mac version) for free. Many others exist. Thingyverse has plenty of models to download. Look at Inkscape for lasering, I'm told it has a good plugin.

    For 2) As you have a 3-in-1 machine the software to get from model to print/carve/burn may vary.

    For filament printing Cura is good but my version doesn't have CP-01 so you may have to create your own configuration. Slic3r is also quite capable and possibly easier for a novice to configure.

    Carbide Create seems pretty good for carving (takes in .SVG among others). I've managed to use it for laser work too but it is not as intuitive for this purpose.

    Good luck

  • @josepharthur If your only concern is doing the slicing on the Apple PC, Cura has a Mac version that can be downloaded from the Ultimaker website. If you want to send the G-Code directly from the Mac to the printer, I don't know how it can be done, but unless you have the need to start or stop a print remotely, relying on another machine for sending the gcode is just another risk factor added to a print.
    In the worst case, if you have the double boot Mac/Win you can try using the Windows OS for printing, but this is useful only if you don't need the pc while it sends the print. One more solution, that I don't really know if could work, is running Windows on a virtual machine and sending the gcode from there.

  • @mattjudy @josepharthur
    Typical operation is via the SD card in which case the computer type is not relevant.
    Although the printer can be attached to a computer most users prefer not to as doing so requires the computer to stream the gcode to the printer for the duration of the print (many hours). Any interruption to this streaming can corrupt your print. Continuing to use the computer, updates or screens turning off to conserve power all have a chance to mess up your print.

  • i cant get it to work on my MacBook pro.

  • My Creality machine is still in the box. I am a waiting confirmation that i can use my MacBook Pro with the Creality CP-01. I am looking forward to making things side by side with my Macbook Pro and the Creality machine.

    I have quite abit of projects i eagerly wait to do. - Thanks for posting (i have a Windows laptop, but i would rather use my Mac cause more of my creative applications are on the Mac / Apple platform.

    Also, can it work with an iphone or an ipad?

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