Bed Leveling Crashes Print Head Into Build Plate

  • Hi,
    I know multiple people have already posted about this, but I cannot seem to find a solution that works for me. I have had CRR-6 SE for about 2 month, and it was working perfectly until now. I printed something this morning, and it all works like it is supposed to. 2 hours later, I go to level the bed for a new print, and the print head doesn't stop at the bed, it just keeps trying to push itself into the build plate. The only way to stop it is to power cycle the printer.

    The EE-SX671 lamp sensor on the left of the printer does turn off when the print head gets close to the bed, but the blue light inside the print head does not turn on like is used to (even if I gently push on the nozzle, the blue light will not turn on). As I am new to owning a 3D printer, I do not have any replacement parts, and do not feel like buying any, unless it has a high probability of solving my issue.

    Any help would be appreciated,

    (I sent a copy of this post to Creality Support, and will post reply's below.)

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