Ender 3 V2 MBG Extruder?

  • Hello, I have purchased an BMG extruder and wanted to install it on my Ender 3V2 but.... I can't set the transmissin ratio E on the machine itself via the display higher then 186, indeed that need's according the manual something about ~385? Can this be worked around somehow?
    Thank you in advance

  • Hello, just wanted to give a small feedback after I have upgraded my printer.

    Yeah, Creality support member from customer service wrote to me, but I have the feeling like he has no idia from the product, thats why I havent answered to him anymore and found the solution on my own. His answer to this was:

    "The printer’s E-axis transmission ratio is fixed at 93 and cannot be increased or decreased"

    Well.... After that words I can only imagine that he has no idia from the creality 3d printers because everyone knows that the default ratio can be adjusted even officialy via the printer's screen.

    After some searching time I have found the software pronterface and guide in youtube how to use it. Adjusted the ratio to 403 (perfect steps ratio in my case) and am using since last saturday the BMG extruder, first as bowden setup and now in direct drive (almost, kinda hybrid with a short tube) setup with phaetus dragon hotend. Prints are perfect, no clogging or slipping anymore.

  • Dear @Hronus

    I had send your post to our engineer, they said that ,had feedback your email. Please check the email. Thank you

  • @Hronus I had Exactly same problem with printing PLA and Silk PLA + from one brand. Now I swap hotend and extruder to DDE Litte and its marvel. love it. now print for 31 hours and no problem.

  • @admin

    That's NOT an acceptable answer.

  • @Hronus you will need to set via ponterface or octoprints terminal via usb cable, the BMG has a 3 to 1 ratio so anything up to and around 415 is acceptable, not sure of command but its something like M92 E415 and M500 to save it

  • That seems a high fugure for the ratio-E.
    Why not fit and then follow this from Chep to calculate the Ratio E.

  • @admin hello, thank you for the responce.

    I am trying to solve this issue https://forum.creality.com/topic/124/ender-3-v2-can-t-print-anymore-any-item. PLA is clogging in the Heatbreak after hours of printing and I am trying to solve this somehow on my own because noone can give me any solution for my problem.
    So that is try and error and I have read on the internet that the BMG extruder has perhaps the power to push the filament threw so the clogging in the heatbreak can't be build up that far to block the filament coming out.

    Well, I saw on the internet that many people are installing the BMG Extruder on Ender 3/Pro without any problems and thought OK if that is possible on the older Ender series - it would be definitely possible on the Ender 3 V2.

    Till now I have used the stock V2 extruder, the metall creality extruder, different springs on for the tension on the extruder => without any success. They are starting to slip after hours of printing because of the clog in the heatbreak => So the logical thought - the normal creality extruder arent as strong to push the filament threw the warmed up PLA in the Heatbreak => have to try something stronger => BMG extruder has ~x4 the strengh for the pushement => have to try it out.

    I have also already tried titan fullmetal hotbreak but got a few problems with that (my own fault) but havent tried it yet with PLA, only with PETG and accidentally broke the thermometer when was cleaning the hotend from the plastic and after that the Ender doesnt start anymore at all... Screen is not launching till the end... So waiting at the moment for an exchange ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    If you mean that I am not able and will not be able to install the BMG Extruder then I have only the one options left:
    To purchase an other hotend or another printer... Because all of the other idias I have already tried out without success.

    If you can give me any other solution which I haven found till now based on this 2 topics => I would apriciate that.

  • Dear @Hronus,
    Use the original extruder, the default transmission ratio is 93, but we are not sure for what you have purchased.

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