My CR-6 SE Printer will not level, turn on. HELP!

  • Hi,
    I recently purchased the Creality CR-6 SE 3D printer two months ago, and the printer has had no issues until now. Whenever I go to Auto-Level the printer, or home the printer, The print head just keeps pushing itself into the build plate. The only way to stop it is to power cycle the printer. One of the solutions that I thought I should try is to install the newest firmware onto the machine. I copied the .DAT file onto an empty SD card (The same card that came with the printer) and inserted the card into the printer. All I got was a boot screen with an empty progress bar that will not move. If I turn off the machine, remove the card, and re-boot, I still only get that empty progress bar. I cannot get the machine to work at all now, no matter what I try. Please Help.
    T G

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