CR10 v3 BL Touch (3D Touch)

  • Hi all. I recently got myself a CR10 v3 and having got bored of manually levelling the bed I've added a BL Touch.

    So a few questions for you pros out there:-

    • It is probing 25 times, which is a lot (compared to my Geeetech which just does the corners) and takes nearly 6 minutes. Is this normal? Can I reduce the number of time somewhere?

    • Is there no need to probe at the start of each print (which is what I used to do on the Geeetech)?

    • Is there a way of getting an un-compiled version for the firmware (cr-10-v3tf1.1.6.0bltouchv3.1.....hex) so I can modify some settings to speed the whole process up?

    and a little gripe. Why is the BL Touch 3 times the price of the 3D Touch from Geeetech?

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