CR10 v3 Direct Drive leaking

  • Has anyone else had the problem with a leaking hot-end?

    Just recently got a CR10 v3 with the Creality direct drive.
    Due to not changing the filament correctly (I hold my hands up) I found I needed to clear a blockage in the nozzle throat, so I watched the short vid put out by Creality which all looked very straight forward.
    I followed the steps and all seemed OK however after a while I found drips of molten plastic on a print. I thought I hadn't tightened the nozzle enough so gave it another turn or two until the nozzle shoulder hit the heat block. BUT it kept on dripping down from the top of the heat block.
    So I had to take the hot-end apart to clear up the mess and found that the metal sleeve that the nozzle should seal against just backed off (unscrewed) as I screwed the nozzle in. I had to hold the metal sleeve with a pair of pliers whilst screwing in the nozzle in order to get it to seal.
    To me the design looks wrong as there is not a hard-stop for the metal sleeve to lock against!
    Am I the only one who has had this problem? In which case what did I do wrong?