Tech support requests seem to be ignored. Is anyone still there? Is CR6 Support dead?

  • To whom it may concern:

    I am sure that I am not the only person to have this experience. I have sent several requests both via the Creality feedback form and their direct support email address, regarding a failing power switch on my brand new CR6 printer. I am extremely troubled by Creality's lack of response to the many other threads in this forum.

    Here is the message I have sent previously. Perhaps someone on their support staff still occasionally checks these threads.

    I originally submitted this issue through your online feedback form two weeks ago, but no-one has responded.

    *I received my CR6SE as part of the Kickstarter campaign a few months ago.

    No modifications made at all.

    I have run 12-15 prints so far. A few weeks ago ago now, the printer shut down completely during a small print. I had to turn the switch off, then on again to get it to run. This happened twice more. I then got a successful print, but after it was done, I turned the switch off and heard a crackle noise like electrical sparks. I checked your forums and this is apparently a known issue in the CR6-SE. I like my printer, and it is very helpful with my projects. How can I get this serviced as quickly as I can?*

    Over a month and counting . . .
    Is support for this product (CR6-SE) dead?

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