Filament stuck in PTFE tube all the time with new Hot end

  • Hey there,

    So I have a problem I just can’t solve on my own.
    I have an Ender 3 pro and I had to change the hot end recently due to my own clumsiness. But now there is an issue that drives me nuts.

    The Filament flow just stops.

    printing.jpg As you can see the I can print the raft nice and pretty (only looks a little wobbly because I peeled it off the warm bed) and then the Filament just stops. If I print the same file without a raft and change nothing it will print about 60% and then the flow stops. If I pause the print and restart the problem will stay, if I stop the print and restart the Raft will be printed again before the problem is there again (if the filament didn’t have the chance to cool down too much).

    It seems like the Filament is piling up in the hot end in the PTFE tube and just can’t be pushed through anymore after a while. Then I always have to remove it forcefully by hand which can be quite difficult.


    The hotend and the nozzle are not clogged at all, it always seems to be in the tube end. I even tried to let it print “in the air” and without a nozzle if you know what I mean to see if there might be an issue in thosep arts, but nope. Nothing

    So here is what I already tried to do (and obviously nothing helped):

    • Trying different Filaments (PLA and ABS)
    • Printing with different temperatures, I used 5C° steps from the lowest to the highest temperature
    • list itemreplacing the PTFE tube and making sure it’s cut and aligned perfectly
    • list itemreplacing the nozzle
    • list itemdifferent Slicing softwares, just to make sure (creality slicer, Ultimaker Slicer, Prusa Slicer)
    • list itemdifferent g-codes
    • list itemdifferent retraction speeds/ lengths (not even a little difference here no matter what I do)
    • list itemturned fan off completely, 50% and 100%
    • list itemmaking sure the hot end is hot (yes it is hot, but maybe still defect somehow?)
    • list itemmaking sure the curve of the PTFE tube is gentle and not too tight
    • list item different printing qualities and speeds

    What else can I try to fix it? I’m getting haunted by the ‘click click’ sounds whenever I try a new idea that might help me.


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