Squealing (and i havent even printed anything yet)

  • Yup, I have just assembled the Ender 5 Pro (as my Flashforge Adventurer 3 decided to explode). On completion of the build (pure guesswork where the cable fits into the back of the control panel as there is NO picture in the destruction book) I have followed the destructions and came upon my first problem. I am being informed by the book that i should wait until the nozzle moves to the left front of the platform...It doesn't. Then Im told to disable the steppers (That's a world of hurt), but I manually levelled the bed and prepared to start adding me PLA. I followed more instructions to shove it right in there and wait until i see the filament extrude from the extruder. What I wasn't prepared for was the high pitch mewling screech that is emanating from the control box.
    Now, having used Flashforge machines I'm not used to this added layer of disappointment (at least that just exploded with no warning) can anyone help? You will have to type loud though as i have me earplugs in.

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