Instalação ender 5 plus no creality só existe a ender 5?

  • Por favor gostaria de uma ajuda como faço para instalar a Máquina ender 5 plus no
    programa creality? Só à a ender 5.

  • Voce tem um amigo que pode traduzir isso para voce?

    I recently bought an Ender 5 +. It came with a booklet of instructions, specific to the E5+ which was quite helpful, but not quite complete. A .pdf of this was on the SD card that came with the machine. I think you can also download this from the Creality website.
    It took a while but I have now got the printer printing satisfactorily. If you are still having problems and would like to share them I would be glad to try and help.
    Problems I had were:

    1. There are two fans (I didn't realise this). One cools the filament as it is laid down. This is under software (gcode) control. The other cools the heatsink which prevents heat from the hot end reaching the filament, which would soften it, causing it to expand from extruder pressure. Once the diameter of the filament reaches 2.0mm it jams in the Bowden tube and stops extrusion. The problem was that this fan is under manual control, and defaults to off on power up. Since I discovered this (the hard way) I always make sure this fan is switched on.
    2. I have found that if you lower the bed using the Z control (e.g. to get better access to the nozzle) too far, when you go to Levelling the machine seems to think it isn't there and stops. My solution to this is to switch the power off and raise the bed closer to the nozzle by rotating the Z screws by hand. Then switch on again and the machine will then do the levelling routine normally.
    3. Early on one of the Z steppers failed and I had to replace it. This was not too difficult.
    4. I carelessly broke one of the big fan blades and had to replace the fan. This was a bit of a fiddle but I managed successfully.
      It has done getting for 100 hours of printing now without any further problems.

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