Ender 3 Auto Home Z goes up instead of down

  • This is my first 3d printer so please forgive me if i call something by the wrong name.

    Initial setup and turned on the printer. When pressing auto home the extruder? goes to the left then moves up about 10mm. If i keep pressing the auto home feature it will eventually keep moving all the way to the top top left.

    Ive tried moving the cables around (which now I think was silly because its just power cables), reseating the cables. Turning off and on.
    It wont auto home to the bottom left position so i can correctly level the bed.

    I searched online and Im seeing things about inverting motors and firmware flashing with arduinos and switch boards or even rewiring the motor.

    Any advice? Quite frankly I really want this thing to work but Im not comfortable doing the above as I dont want to completely brink the printer...

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