Not sure if my nozzle is the right size or not.

  • So, a couple of days ago, my extruder broke so I decided t upgrade some of the parts of my printer. A family member, who also has been 3D printing for a while, had a spare metal dual extruder that I added on, and I got some new tubing that can handle higher temps, as well as a new nozzle that came with the tubing. I took things apart, cleaned out some old PLA that was gunking up the old nozzle and tubing, and got everything put on. Did a small test and things seemed to be working just fine. Releveled my bed, started a small print to see how things would work PLA was coming out of the nozzle. I stopped the print, made sure to double check that things were heated and at the right temp, game the PLA a push through the extruder to see that it was coming out the nozzle. Started it up again and.......same results. It will make the initial line of filament along the left side of my printer but when it moves into the middle to actually start the print it barely puts out any PLA and it isn't sticking to the plate as well as it did before.

    So my questions are:

    Is the nozzle I put on too small? I noticed that it had a 0.4 on the side of it and my old nozzle didn't have that.

    Will cleaning my glass plate help with things sticking to it again? I know that I should clean it form time to time, but I wasn't sure if I needed to do it much more frequently. I also know some people find using glue sticks or something like that to help with keeping things stuck.

    Do I need to have things hotter? I keep it usually around 200 for the nozzle and 60 to 65 for the bed.

    I just got my printer about a 4 days ago and things were going great! I had 4 successful prints and only one bed leveling issues early on, but ever since I tried using a rainbow silk PLA, things have started to go wrong and I am worried I fucked something up. I appreciate any help hat people could give.

    I am using the Creality Ender 3 V2 with Cura

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