Screen dead

  • During print the screen turned off and has not come back on. Need advice or repairs

  • Same thing, it powered off in mid print and will not come back on.

    Not sure what to do?

  • @epc579,
    Check whether the power supply gear is adjusted to the local voltage, the incorrect power supply voltage will cause the heating to restart

    If it is right, please send the email to
    This is the specific email to solve problems about CR-6 SE

  • I am experiencing the same issue. My printer appears to be receiving no power at all. There seems to be no power to anything. The fan is not operating and the screen is dead. The printer just turned off mid print and will not turn back on. I need a solution.

  • Dear @Prymus,

    1. Is the indicator light of the power on and the main board lit, and is the nozzle fan rotating?
    2. If the fan of the nozzle is turned on, please measure whether the voltage of the display pin is 5V:
    3. Can the computer and printer be turned on with a USB cable?

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