PLA stringy

  • Hello, I just got my printer, completed 3 prints, and now when I print the PLA goes stringy. It will start then out of no where it doesn't touch the object and just shoots the PLA all over. Any help!

  • Dear @dayday @Lengai

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  • @dayday hello I’m having the same issue. Printed fine for a week now very stringy, albeit very light thin strands.

    I’m a newbie and have read up on this but no matter what I try (see test cone image); be it retraction length/ speed, printing temp/speed etc no difference...

    Any thoughts?

    ![1_1614165361904_CFFD207D-F6AD-4558-8A94-A0339A680C2B.jpeg](Uploading 2%) ![0_1614165361903_7798682C-B54A-4C4C-935D-F5E2669151D7.jpeg](Uploading 2%)

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