CP-01 3 axes cnc

  • Hi. i want to use cp-01 cnc module in 3 axes. i used solid cam and ArtCAM to generate gcode. But that gcodes creality can read. i try several file extension but i didn't work.
    what i learn i need post processing file of creality cp-01 is there any one have it. OR someone can guide me to generate gcode with which file extension or which program should i use to cp-01 can read for 3 axis cnc.

  • Make sure your file name is only composed of capital/lowercase letters and numbers, no spaces or special characters.

    I got my printer and could not figure out how to get it to work until i made a file called "test" which showed up on the printer and worked fine. I then struggled to determine the cause and eventually figured out that if I renamed a file test, test1, Test1, TEST1 it worked every time and then it occurred to me that naming all my files as variations of test to get it to work was keeping me withing the naming requirements. Since then, I've switched to letters and numbers only and have not had any issues since. (important for the first time user to know) The same situation applies to the laser and CNC setups.

    not sure if this will fix your issue but it sounds like what happened to me. I thought I needed another program to run the printer but determined it was all my fault...

    -It STIHL Runs

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  • I am also looking for the same solution. If you hear of any please share. Been going at this for a while.

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