Auto homing stopped after cable came out

  • So I was printing a tall object, un-beknown to me at the completion of the print, the cable came out of the extruder stepper and the vertical stepper.

    When I went to do a second print it just printed my design in one line, realizing oops theres a problem, I then found the loose cable wires, plugged them back in no difference.

    Turned the machine off, rechecked all cables, turned it back on, now the printer is just stuck in auto homing, I thought maybe the software had got corrupted, flashed via the SD card method, no change, still won't auto home so cant print anything.

    When I click to start the auto home I hear a thud as the steppers are energised but thats it.

    If anyone has an idea please let me know, many thanks Alan

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