Ender 3 Pro Z Level off

  • I just finished assembling my first Ender 3 Pro and noticed when homing it the Z axis pushes down on the corner of the bed slightly. I manually jogged to the center and figured out that the center is 3.2mm above my 0 set when auto homing. I'm sure that has to do with the Z axis limit switch position but how would I move it up just 3.2mm?
    Any and all suggestions welcome. I have all 4 corner adjustments backed all the way off to make sure they weren't the issue. Having the center of bed +3.2mm tells me it is simply the limit switch height. I jogged Z up in my zero corner as well and about +1.4mm was where my paper was no longer pinching between bed and nozzle, so I know at least that corner IS below the center.

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