Ender 5 PRO Fans Stopped Working

  • I was changing my nozzle with the printer running because I like the hot end, hot when changing nozzles (so that debris comes out when the nozzle is removed).

    During changing of the nozzle, I stopped either the hot end fan or the part cooling fan with one of my fingers by accident. Suddenly, the hot end fan, part fan, and case fan all stopped working. I tested the fans by connecting them directly to the 24V power supply and the fans still worked. This indicated that there was a problem with circuit board, all the other board functions worked but the fans did not. I suspect that one of the traces burned out on the circuit board when I created a high current condition on stopping one of the fans.

    Luckily there was stock on the V4.2.7 board at Amazon and I got a replacement board in 18hours. As the hot end fan and the case fan should run all the time, I decided to wire them directly to the power supply unit and only connected the part fan to the new board.

    Anyways after this issues I was back up and running in 1 day!!

    I wanted to thank Creatlity for have parts widely available. This really helped get me back up running fast.

    I have a question though, why power the case fan and hot end fan through the circuit board an not directly? Powering them directly via the PSU reduces load on the circuit board and would prevent such incidents.


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