Ender 3 Pro Firmware Original, and How Make Mods

  • I have a new ender 3 pro, the screen says Marlin 1.0.1, and has a date 2020-04-20.
    It has a creality board V4.2.2

    1. Is there a way I can get a copy of the original firmware so I can reload it if I mess something up?
    2. It looks like HAS_RESUME_CONTINUE is configured, as M0, and M1 do not stop. I would like to add that in. Where can I get a copy of the configuration files used to make the firmware I have - ie the correct options for the type of thermistor, correct stepper drivers etc.
    3. Any good tutorial on how to build the marlin software on windows? My first attempt resulted in:
      make: *** No rule to make target applet/wiring.o', needed by applet/Marlin.elf'. Stop.

    ![0_1613927243117_ReduceLCD.jpg](Uploading 100%)

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