Ender 3 V2 under-extrusion

  • I got an Ender 3 V2 for Christmas, and it worked great. but a little bit ago my print quality started declining rapidly. and now they are very under extruded. I tried re-leveling the bed, unclogging it, upping the flow rate, lowering the speed, and nothing seems to work. I even got a new PTFE Tube (Capricorn) and a new all-metal extruder, and nothing is working. Any suggestions?
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  • Turned out the stock nozzle was either broken, or in the wrong size, because it was way to large. i swapped it out for a .4 mm one. thanks for all the help!

  • Turned put the stock nozzle, or the nozzle i was using was way too large, thanks for all the help, its resolved.

  • @Macian Thanks, I have PLA, and I'm getting some nylon to try to unclog it. Thanks For all the suggestions!

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  • I am using PLA, and I think it's just a clog. I have been unable to do any cold pulls with PLA,
    so should I get some Nylon filament? thanks for all the suggestions.

  • One other thing, have you tried cleaning the nozzle? Sometimes they clog up with junk, from dust to particles from who knows where. I assumed you changed nozzles when you put on the new hotend but sometimes there are fine particles from machining left in the hotend parts or heat brake that could lead to this. Again, just throwing out suggestions, you may have already checked this.

    I've had nozzles that were supposed to be .4mm that a .35 needle wouldn't go through too. I just twist the needle, kind of like a drill bit, and this normally clears them of whatever was blocking them. Checking extruder steps/mm would show if this were an issue though, they'd be way off.

    What hotend did you get? I tried one off amazon that leaked like crazy no matter what I did, I sent it back and got a new all metal heat brake from TH3D to put in the stock hotend. It works great and I'm much happier with it. Cost a LOT less as well.

  • What type of filament are you using (PLA, ABS, TPU, PTEG, etc.), has it been exposed to open air for a while & could it need drying?
    Have you changed filament types or brands and not adjusted extruder steps?
    Did you check extruder steps when you changed the hotend?
    Has the routing of the PTFE changed? Could it be causing restriction due to sharp bends?
    Have you taken a look at the extruder drive gear? Are the teeth worn or otherwise at issue? Is the spring giving good pressure?
    Are the teeth clogged up? Has there ever been a clog or restriction? If so, the gear will slip on the filament, cutting bits off that end up clogging the gear teeth.
    Are you using the stock plastic extruder? Is the plastic holding up or has it deformed any at all in such a way as to cause restriction? I've seen some that crack at the pivot screw, causing the idler pully to lose pressure against the filament and gear. This will cause under extrusion and sometimes no feed at all.
    Did you upgrade to a metal extruder to get rid of the plastic? If so, inspect is closely, not all are created equal and it may need lube or adjustment.
    Did you upgrade to a dual gear extruder? If so, check the idler gear, there is a design flaw in many of the aftermarket dual gear extruders where the idler gear eats into the baseplate and hangs up, some of them come with threaded screws instead of shouldered ones and this causes an issue with the inner bearings as well. Take it apart and inspect it thoroughly, grease it and reassemble.

    Sorry but all I can do is throw out whatever I can think of that could be causing under extrusion, you may have already looked at all of this already. If so, sorry but that's all I've got.
    If any of these suggestions helps you find the issue and correct it, please let us know what it was, it may help somebody else down the line.

    That is of course dependent on the moderators allowing my post, for some reason nothing I've submitted so far has posted. I can't help or get help if my posts aren't allowed and I'd really love to know why they haven't been.

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