Creality6 doesn't ready SD Card

  • My Creality6 stopped reading my listing of files. I replaced it with a new SD card but no files show up.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

  • @ACrealityMan If you know that the card is good and readable it sounds like the only thing it could be is a bad card reader on your printer motherboard. Is it possible it got some trash in it? Try cleaning it out, a thin piece of plastic covered with thin, lint free cloth & alcohol, just make sure it's thin enough to slide in easily and not damage the slot. Let it dry for several minutes before trying the card again. If cleaning it doesn't work then you may need a new motherboard.

    Or you could just hook up a computer via the micro USB connector and print straight from your slicer or a program like Octoprint, if hooking up a computer is an option for you. Cheaper than buying a new motherboard. Just make sure the computer is not connected to the internet if it's running windows 10, otherwise it could update mid print and screw it, wasting filamet and hours of printing.

    I use a Raspberry Pi set up with Octoprint so I never use the SD card anymore. Good luck!

  • Dear @ACrealityMan

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