Which firmware for cr-10 v3 and bltouch

  • I just bought the cr-10 v3 and its bltouch, I read that I have to update the firmware, where do I download it and which version? Thank you

  • First open package and install your bl touch to your printer head titan drive=(attach the small end of the cord that came with the bl touch to the sensor then attach bl touch to the 3 hole side of the bracket with 2 screws leaving the hole in the middle empty, then attach the 2 hole side of the bracket to the titan drive with 2 screws then run your cord from sensor around the top back of the wheel frame and zip tie to other cords just before black covering and other tie there, then cut the tie on the black covering on both ends= by titan drive top and over by junction box left lifter rod, then scrunch up the black covering to make it bigger to feed the cord from bl sensor though the black covering out the other end by the left lifter junction box, then plug the cord end into the very front clip when you remove the cover= technically the very back center clip if looking at your printer from the front end as orintation. then restreach out the black covering over wires and redo the zip ties at each end then uninstall the old z axis sensor switch on bottom of left arm and unplug and leave cord in frame and slide black slider in frame forward to help hold in place if ever needed again due to bl touch failure and need to reinstall it most likly order new one but get you by if needed in a pinch for time. now your all done the install you have to flash your main box to do this unplug your box and deattach all cords and wires, then bring box to your pc with a type b to usb cord into the side of the box by the sd port on box and the usb end into pc wherever you have a slot available and wait for the box to come on then goto the creality site and download your firmware that matchs your printer for bl touch in this video we are using the creality CR-10 V3 PRINTER as an example and firmware at either of these two links:
    half way down link in yellow highlight to this drop box

    NOTE THE BOX THAT SAID V3 NOW WILL SAY V2 WITH BL TOUCH AND IT USED TO SAY V3, ive preveously when first got the cr-10 v3 tried to upgrade the firmware and didnt need to as had the latest version and now after reflashing it said V2 and was like oh no this is older version 1.6 not the new 2.0 not much differences just took out old v2 code for old drive is all and changed the e value for new titan drive so not a newer version with better options but i didnt know this and had to reflash the right V3 firmware back onto it, Now when you ugrade to a bl touch you are changing back to 1.6 with titan drive and bl touch which is the same as 2.0 v3 version just now again without the old drive files and new titan files and the bl touch drivers on it so technically its the newest version but they still forgot to change the V2 to V3 as most buyers have the old V2 still and not the V3 and didnt want to confuse the V2 buyers and left the new V3 buys hanging with it saying V2 now instead of V3 but dont feel left out its the same V3 file with Bl touch and if you want you can go in and change the code yourself to say V3 if it means that much to you but im not a programer so have to look that up yourself i did all the other research on it i could and feel satisfide that its the right file for V3 machines as well as V3 Machines just a different drive in the box everything else the same just dont have to upgrade it yourself with parts preassembled just no bl touch or wheel tensioners that produce cleaner less worble flat faces better at almost full tension and wow, not to tight and snap a belt though.
    now that you got it downloaded to your pc goto the file you downloaded and goto rename file and delete the chinese letters at the end after .zip of the file name, now your pc will reconize the file as a zip file and you now extract that\unzip the file to a location you remember. now open your new creality 4.8 slicer that came with your printer and on the sd card files and instal that if you dont have and upgrade it to 4.8,now open your creality slicer and under prefrences, configure creality, and printer, then upgrade firmware, it should automaticly see your box and upgrade it and when done it will say and unplug from your pc and reattach all cords,plug and other 3 cords to your box and printer then power on and run this cycle, first level your bed manually by FIRST PREHEAT YOUR BED USING YOUR MAIN MATTERIAL YOU USE (PLA/ABS) NOW ONCE BED IS WARM START BY hitting auto home then disable the steppers and move drive around by hand and lower down onto a piece of paper at a corner till just barley grips paper and drags under nozzel a bit not to tight and slide drive over to right side and again leve with knob under bed to a level gripping the paper the same feel and then slide the bed back and do this again at each corner then repeat this as oddly enough once you did all four corners will slightly now effect the entire plate and off set the corners a bit on front now so redo all this again now that thats done hit auto home again and then when done in center hit bed leveling and wait for it to run its course. now prepare, move axis, z level, and lower it till it reach the bed in slow incorments till close then use the next lower setting to get closer till your at that same level with the paper under nossel that grips it just slightly and rember that number you lowered it to on the screen and if negative or positive number too. then goto control and then initialize eeprom and beep and goto motion and z offset and set the value you had to remeber from last step into here and then back out one step to control and store settings beep. now your done and ready to try to print

  • Dear @Illuboy

    Please come to Creality's official website, there is the newest firmware for each machine.

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