Ender 3 v2 issues

  • Hi there, I'm new to 3D printing. My Ender 3 V2 was working well for first week but last night noticed strong smell and would not move past logo screen. Later found that SD card was corrupted. Have now reformatted card and printer is producing a small test print, however, strong smell like something overheating remains. Has anyone else had this issue?

  • Double check that AC input voltage switch on the back of the power supply, and insure it is set for your line voltage (115/230).

  • You might try another SD card. I once had one fail in a phone and it drew a tremendous amount of current, and ran hot as well.

    Those SD cards are just asking to be zapped by static when moving them around. That's all it takes to injure one. (I recommend WiFi Octoprint)

  • What is the smell like? "a strong smell" is kinda vague, burnt plastic, smoke, like hot metal? Can you tell where the smell is coming from? Hot end, one of the stepper motors, power supply, LED board, etc. If you've been printing for a week, it shouldn't be the "new" breaking in odors that can occur, it's more likely a problem, possibly severe.

    If it's a smell like burning plastic and/or coming from the power supply, SHUT DOWN NOW before you wind up with a fire. If its a burnt smell coming from the hotend, SHUT DOWN NOW before you wind up with a fire. If it's coming from the LED control board, ...

    I wouldn't be running the printer if it's a burning or overheating smell until I located the cause.

    If the smell is coming from the power supply, disconnect the power cord and remove the cover from the power supply carefully, the fan mounted in it doesn't have a very long cord and needs to be disconnected to fully remove the cover. Look that fan over, is the smell coming from it? If so, replace the fan.

    Look over the motherboard, any discolored areas or wiring with melted appearing sheathing? If it's wiring, check for shorts that could be causing the issue. Does it seem like the smell is coming from there? If so, put the printer back together and try to get warranty service. Don't try to use the printer again until it's repaired.

    Check the connections at the power supply, are they secure? Do they appear to be discolored or burnt? Wires ok? Is the smell coming from inside the power supply? If it is, then buy a new power supply and swap it out. They aren't very expensive, it would be less hassle and much faster than trying to get warranty service. If you can get ahold of Creality, maybe they'd send you a replacement power supply, good luck with that. Either way, don't try to operate the printer until it's repaired.

    Ok, now you should have an idea of what to do with the rest of the electronics on the printer. Do not try to keep running the printer until you find out what the problem is and get it fixed.
    Check the LED control board, the bed heater, the stepper motors, the hotend and it's fans. Try to narrow down where the smell is coming from and what kind of smell it is in a more specific way so that any help can be more pointed towards your problem. I'm not trying to be rude but your post was pretty vague when you consider all the areas on the printer that could produce strong, overheating smells. It's NOT a good idea to operate any electronics that have a strong overheating smell coming from them, it COULD lead straight to a fire. I hope you don't live in an apartment, it sounds like you might burn the complex down if you do. It could quite literally not even be the printer, it could be the wall outlet it's plugged into, no way to tell based on your description. Yes, I've done warranty calls where a customer had a strong odor of burning plastic and it turned out to be oxidation on the aluminum house wiring in the wall outlet causing resistance and heating up, melting the plastic of the outlet. Good thing they got me out there or their house could have burned down running "test prints"(not a printer but you get the gist, running electronics while a strong overheating smell existed) but it wasn't an issue with the electronics under warranty, it was an issue for an electrician and I charged for it. Look at youtube videos of printer fires, maybe they will convince you to shut the printer down until it's fixed.

    I truly wish you the best of luck and really do hope you don't start a fire when it could just be a poor connection somewhere and you kept printing instead of looking for the cause.

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