New User and System - prints not "sticking" to table, and balling up on extruder

  • Just got a new V2 printer, and set it up last night. I used the "paper table leveling" technique I've seen on several YT videos. Got to where the printhead would just start dragging as I would run it under the printhead, then just lowered table enough to let it move freely.

    Checked everything over, and turned it on, and warmed it up to default temps. Checked table level again. Selected one of the provided models that was already processed on the card (the dog). Started printing.

    From the home position, it ran a line down the table, which started curling up some, but then seemed fine. Once it started printing the model, by going to the center, and running a "ring" around the model, that would not stick to the table, and the printhead would hit it, and caused it to ball up and gum up on the printhead. So I cancelled it.

    So - what could be the issue(s)? Everything was left at default, leveling was performed, and used the model. Is the model really "prepared" for this printer? Should I have brought the stl into Cura and re-exported the model (seemingly with settings once I selected the printer)?

    Not sure where to proceed here...

  • An unclean bed also won't stick.

    If it's been printed on a couple times, or even just sitting out and getting dusty, prints will most likely have trouble sticking. Even if leveling and settings are correct, which are also important.

    i just use warm water and dish soap on a paper towel or soft cloth. Another paper towel or super soft clean cloth to dry.

    Apparently some people and even some creality manuals say to use isopropyl or some kind of alcohol to clean build plates. And then other people that followed that instruction complained about it ruining the finish on the bed. You can search it in this forum. So I would not recommend that. Soap should be fine.

    Another thing to watch: temperature. I got an ender-6: the filament that came with it worked fine with default cura temperatures, but other transparent filaments needed almost 30C hotter extrusion temps to begin to stick properly. Some filaments might also go better with the part cooling fan off for the first few layers, but that's getting a bit involved.

  • You shouldn't back off until the paper moves 'freely', it's supposed to have a decent amount of drag, not be just barely touching. The problem you describe is textbook print bed to low. The filament should be coming out of the nozzle in a .4mm thread (assuming you're using a .4 nozzle) and the nozzle should be squishing it down to a height of only .2mm and that's what makes it stick. Play around with the feel a bit, keep adjusting it until you get it right, it takes practice. I got where I now just print out a 3 line rectangle around the bed, in line with the adjustment screws. I then remove and measure that rectangle's thickness at the corners with a micrometer and use a dial gauge mounted to the printhead to make any needed adjustments. It's what works for me, I got tired of the paper method since the paper can vary in thickness depending on humidity, manufacturer, handling, etc. and my sense of touch just seemed off sometimes. You could try a metal feeler gauge instead of paper, same thing, you want a snug fit, a little drag on the metal feeler should be good. Check youtube for the size, I forget as I don't use them for leveling the bed, I like going by the actual thickness of the printed material. If the slicer is set for a .2 first layer, then that's what I want to see.

    Keep practicing, the paper method does work, as impractical as it seems, but you do need to develop the feel for it.

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