USB on Ender 6

  • I want to connect my Ender 6 to my RasberryPi and OctoPrint so I have access via WIFI. I have set it up on my SunLu 8 and it works fine. I have extended the USB port from the main MB to outside the case, however if I connect it to the RasberryPI USB Port or direct to PC USB port - the Ender 6 will NOT boot up while it is connected - but boots fine after I disconnect.
    Creality CS/Support has responded with a FIX --- Install the USB DRIVER -- they sent a Driver link and installation link .. HOWEVER it was in Chinese with English subtitles and the Slicer they used as their instruction was still in Chinese and didn't match up with Cura slicer I am using.
    Has anyone got the USB Port on the Ender 6 to work or at least be recognized as a USB Port ..??

  • @telephasic
    A meter solution to this problem is to purchase an inexpensive USB power blocker, available on Amazon. This allows you to block an power back flow without possible damage to the cable or, worse yet, mucking up the USB port on your devise with adhesive residue.

  • @traniere octopi working fine here, without any extra steps or drivers.

    in my extension to bring the micro USB out of the case i did not connect the 5V line.

    i did this because i heard of overvoltage burning pi's / printers / computers, and back-powering the displays even when switched off. not sure if this is true or not, or if having it connected can actually make it not work in your case... but since in my setup i had male micro USB - cable - chassis mount micro USB port, i just didnt connect the 1 wire.

    or there's this:

    i've heard of people managing to cover that contact with a small bit of sticker or tape.

    oh yeah- an easier thing to rule out first is the USB cable.
    make sure it works.. and has data lines, not just a charging cable

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