How do you update firmware if the SE6 Display shows no files when the SD card is put in?

  • Does any one know how to update or reinstall the firmware.

    Or is a new motherboard required?

  • Dear @ACrealityMan

    1. Format the memory card first, then re-copy the gcode file to test
    2. Replace the memory card with a new one (less than 16G)
    3. gcode file name should not exceed 16 characters; no special symbols
    4. Stick a little alcohol on the SD card and repeatedly unplug it.

  • The 6SE wont tell you anything and creality are very unhelpful.

    First turn your machine on and find the information through the menu to display the machine firmware version. Take note of it.

    Next with an empty fresh formatted SD extract a firmware zip file into the SD card. Do NOT make a folder just put the contents of the firmware zip file into the root of the SD card.

    Put the SD card in and turn on the 6SE. normal turn on the screen displays a progress bar as it boots to the menu. Now it should just take a little longer to do this, its updating the firmware. It wont tell you its updating, the ONLY outward sign is that progress bar takes a little longer to fill and get you to the menu. No success or failure messages either.

    Take out the SD card and do NOT put it back in again. Go back into the menu and find the firmware version, it should be different now. Maybe copy the *.bin file to the root of the sd if the above doesnt work. No idea what to do with the screen firmware though, creality dont explain how to install firmwares properly. Each release the zip files seem to have different sets of files and no explanation what they are for.

    If the firmware version changed then it was a success and you should now format that sd card so you can use it for objects or something else. They crappy devices china makes work basically the same way for updating firmware: you put the firmware file into the root of the memory card and turn the device on, it’ll check for a firmware file and apply it. They dont remove the firmware file afterwards and some dont go into operating mode until you remove the file yourself, it’ll just keep seeing the file and applying it every turn on if you leave it there. And sometimes the device wont go into firmware update mode if other files are present. You just dont know, they dont bother to You , you are assumed to know what to do.

  • The fw file is not shown, only the .gcode files are listed in the print menu. If copying the bin file the update doesn't start i would rename the file, reusing a fw filename is not possible, or reformat the sd with a fat32