Ender 3 v2 AutoHome / Z Axis end switch issue

  • Just got my Ender 3 v2 assembled today. Found that autohoming moves the X and Y axis as it's supposed to but the Z access only moves up a tiny bit. I believe it thinks the Z end switch is engaged. Swapped the Z end switch with the X end switch, made no change. Swapped the Z and X end switch cables on the board and still made no difference (except I have to press the end switch in the Z position while X is homing since they're swapped). So both Z and X end switches and cable are good but the Z axis still does not autohome. Seems to me an issue with the board. Also flashed the firmware though it was already on the newest version.
    Any ideas? Did I just get a printer with a bad board and need to return it?

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