Ender 3 pro turned into a heated cinema...

  • In my ender 3 pro V1 i installed a motherboard 4.2.7. Before everything worked just fine on a 1.1.4 motherboard.

    I have a BLTouch installed on the 27-pin board, and wish to continue use the BLTouch via the Z-sensor-pin.

    I installed several firmwares, incl.Marlin2 with necessary changes, but on none of those firmwares, the steppermotors were moving. Everything else works just fine, except the motors... THe only thing they do is give a little jerk once, and that's it....

    So my Ender 3 pro only has a functioning LCD, and heating.... HELP!

  • Are you certain it is a 4.2.7 motherboard? The pin-outs are different to that of the 4.2.2 which I believe is very similar in looks.
    In reverse, I accidentally put the 4.2.7 firmware onto my 4.2.2 board and experienced the same problem. The motors engaged with a jerk but would not move.
    My board has a dedicated BL Touch connector, not sure if Creality offer firmware to allow you to use the z axis switch instead.

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