Ender 5 y motor seems to have died :(

  • So i just got an ender 5 a few days ago and was running an overnight print, but woke up to a mess.

    Turns out my y axis was not moving at all, tried a bunch of stuff and it turns out its just my y motor doesnt seem to move, even with the belts off.

    Can anyone tell me where to buy the y motor to recieve it quickly? And also how to reattach the belts on the y axis?

  • @sahilk

    You should first make sure if it is the motor that's broken, it could be your motherboard stepperdrivers instead.

    Switch out the Y with the X at the motor connection and see if the Y stays broken or if now the X don't move.

    If so , you need a new motherboard and not a motor.

    when you know what is broken you can go to a shop, don't buy anything before you know what's the problem.

  • Dear @sahilk

    You can come to our on-line shop: https://vip.creality.com/en

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