SD card isues

  • Having problems with the SD card for Ender 3 Pro.
    Printer shows card inserted but then on the menu it shows no TF Card.
    Also my PC and laptop are no longer recognsising the sd card. Had been working firn for 2 months.

    Any ideas?

  • I had a similar problem. No problem w/the original 8GB card. I got a 64GB card, got same problem, as you. Then I got 32GB card, It WORKS! The store manager at STAPLES suggested that it may be a software problem. In that when the SW was written, 64GB cards didn't exist. I've heard of similar problems w/other SW.
    Hope this helps!

  • Dear @rookiegolf

    It may be the TF card issue, you can change another card and try it again.

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