Warped print bed Ender 5 Pro

  • My print bed came warped, it measure 0.45mm deep in the center of the bed compared with the corners. when printing the first layer at 0.16mm - 0.12mm or even 0.2mm per layer there is no way that the filament will adhere to the print surface, the gap is too big.
    what do I do?

  • @admin, thanks for your response. the error measure 0.45mm tested with a roller and feeler gauge.
    The seller said they will sent a glass bed.
    The question is will this solve the problem?
    will I lose print volume due the glass bed?
    will the gap will create a no conformity with the heat of the glass bed? or do i need to get a new heat bed that is not warped?

  • Dear @davidzohar
    The hotbed board is a processed part, and there may be a little error. The deviation within 0.3mm of the platform is a reasonable range. It is recommended to pad a few sheets of paper at the four corners between the printing platform and the hotbed to offset the error, and add a raft when slicing;

    If the heating bed is severely bent, please remove the four nuts under the heating bed. Please refer to the video to measure with a ruler. If you can pass through 3 sheets of A4 paper, the error is large. Provide the measurement video and printer manufacturing code to your seller

  • Thanks @timd1971
    I appreciate the advice.
    This is my first 3d printer! so still I'm learning...
    With that said, as this is less then a week printer, I would think Creality will provide a new bed. 0.45 mm deep is quite big and the defiantly impact adhesion in the center of the plate, even when printing with 0.2mm layer. the gap is so big that there is no way that adhesion will be effective. I've been researching this all week!
    I don't think the tensioning of the wheels/springs actually have to do anything with it as bed "float" on the springs.
    I think it got to do with bed quality control and engineering practice. The bed heating unit is centered exactly in the middle, so theoretically it creates an uneven expansion of bed material in the middle compared to the outer perimeter. now will that constitute a deep, I'm not sure. I'm not a material engineer (I do have some engineering background...).
    and yes, I ordered borosilicate glass bed. my concern is that with the air gap i will get the heating will not be even.
    Again thanks for the advise.
    Now, I'm waiting to see what Creality have to say about this.

  • @davidzohar

    If the model can print within the center area of the bed only. Adjust nozzle lower to that and or use BABY STEPPING during start of print (use a brim to give time to adjust nozzle down).

    You can try adding s post it note under the magnetic sheet in center.

    Try a borosilicate glass bed.

    Add a mesh bed leveling system i.e. BLTouch.

    Try a PEI flex sheet, may have to add post it note under it also.

    Run damn aluminum bed over with steam roller.

    Seems to me some aluminum heated beds are just really sinking in the middle. My Ender 5 PRO also is shit in the middle, but my Ender 3 PRO and especially Ender 3 V2 have good flat beds with very minimal difference in the middle. The V2 comes with glass, but I use PEI flex sheet instead as I don't like glass.

    I wonder if the tensioning of the wheels/springs in combination of the heat affect adding to this warping?

    Either way, I don't prefer the Ender 5 PRO to the others... mainly sagging bed in front, hard to see first layer, hard to bed level with paper, shitty wiring management, seems much louder (fans) overall just not the best. Only thing good is for taller prints, but purpose defeated if print gets to heavy, then bed sag. And the head only moves X & Y, instead of slinging entire bed and orint in Y direction.

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