New Creality 4.2.7 silent board most updated Marlin Firmware?

  • I just purchased and installed the new silent board 4.2.7 for my new Ender 3 Pro and am seeing the same boards offered with Marlin 2.0.1 preinstalled. When I purchased this one it said the most updated Marlin firmware preinstalled from an official Creality Distributor. Plug and play. I DO NOT have any other mods on my printer yet. (NO BL TOUCH)

    When I go into the "About" section in the printer menu I see Marlin 1.0.1 and assume that its NOT the most up to date firmware. On the Creality site, there is no mention of which firmware updates to the 2.0.1 Marlin. Am I missing something? Is Marlin 1.0.1 the most updated for the Pro? Please advise!!

    I hope to eventually be flashing this firmware to be able to do manual mesh leveling.

  • @gigor Thank you for the answer regarding the 2.0.7 and the final version 2.0.8. This information is key to my understanding of release info for Marlin and explained a ton as I haven't been able to find this anywhere!

    Also, your additional information was super helpful and I greatly appreciate your reply as it will help bolster my confidence in learning how to do so.

  • @Philiphoward latest marlin is bugfix-2.0.x . x stands for prerelease 2.0.8.

    You must compile it yourself for now till the final version 2.0.8 gets released to replace the current 2.0.7.
    At which point we hope creality will update it's firmware to that version.

    Compiling yourself isn't all that hard to do, it just seems a bit daunting at first.
    You'll also get new capabilities that will help improve your print quality.

    Plenty of YouTube instruction videos on how to do the configuring and compiling of marlin firmware yourself.

    I have compiled myself for the stock ender 5 pro (4.2.2 board), with unified bed leveling (only the manual bedleveling works if you don't have a probe) , it has arc support, autotemp, filament change via menu, EEprom is now stored on board instead of SD card, added up to 5 different material pre heat settings. (PLA , ASA, PET, TPU and PP).
    It's fun to tinker with, but you need some knowledge of logic of course.
    Most printers do have preconfigured config files available but still might need some tweaking to season to the users liking.

  • Dear @Philiphoward

    The latest firmware was published on the website:

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