Ender 6 3D Bl Touch installation and motor grinding...

  • Bl-Touch
    Ender 6 3D
    motor noise

  • Hi, I have similar issue with grinding motors,

    Could you please help me a little - what do you mean by "motor backwards", that looks like my issue too, but I dont see it based on the descrption - could please share more info how """wrongly""" you have connected it and how did you fix that ? I would every much appreciated that

    Thank you

  • Updated: 3/2/21 I was able to figure out what the issue was, which is in both videos I watched for installation (and rewatched multiple times) the wiring was incorrectly shown backwards. (Having the wiring backwards cause the issue of the motor noise.)
    I reversed the wiring on the main board connection and this fixed the problem and the BL-Touch was able to do the 25 point bed level test. (I found a post from one user with a link to the official video that Creality posted, which showed the wiring error)

  • Dear @Dogberticus

    Installing BLtouch does not cause the machine to become louder, please check if the installation procedure is incorrect or if the firmware has been updated: https://www.creality.com/download

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