Extra Hardware for modifications

  • I am printing out a few mods and add-ons for my Ender 3 pro, but I need extra screws, bolt and T-nuts. I've looked for the exact names of these fasteners, but can only come up with M5 and t-nuts. And when I look on Amazon, they only sell them in huge packs or I cannot decide which size to order.
    I have also went to the hardware store with pictures and they don't have them, or don't know what M5 is.
    Does Creality sell an "extra hardware" pack? Or does anyone know of the exact names and/or sizes of these?
    Other than not finding extra screws, nuts, and bolts... I have had some very successful prints and love it.

  • @Tespo a good info resource is https://www.mcmaster.com/screws/
    you can browse around to see what you want and what exists
    bolts and screws are given like M5x20 (metric, 5mm diameter, 20mm long).
    socket head screws are used a lot on printers. or maybe rounded head screws.
    common t-nuts https://www.mcmaster.com/screws/structural-framing/nut-style~hammer/

    those assorted packs you mentioned are actually more handy than specific lengths, because you'll have a lot of sizes to choose from and see what fits best, especially if you will be making more things.

    i've had good luck with this store https://nindejin.aliexpress.com/store/5053209

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