can't remove print

  • I am new to 3d printing and the ender-6 is my first printer, so I know this is a dumb question, but I haven't been able to find any specific help. I completed my first print, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove it from the bed. I waited until the bed and nozzle cooled down, and no amount of scraping will get it off. Is there something that needed to be put on the plate before printing that will help get the print off after? I used PLA+ filament at 210C and the bed was at 60C.

    Any solutions for

    1. getting this stuck print off the bed, and
    2. what I should be doing in the future to be able to get the prints off?

    Thanks in advance

  • @j9 I guess after all this time that you have either fixed your problem or thrown the printer out of the window!

    But here are 2 points;

    • Try lowering the bed temperature if the print is sticking too well to the bed. The Creality sample prints that came with my CR-10-V3 use 45'C, but you could go lower.
    • The scraper supplied with my printer was too blunt (i.e. the blade was too thick at the end) so it was just bashing the print, rather than getting under it. I now use an old wallpaper scraper which has a very thin but smooth blade.

    I've written a more detailed description here:

  • Almost two months after your query later,..... I just drop my entire bed into my freezer for twenty minutes or so. Items fall off, then.

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