Ender 3 V2 Printer Precision Issues

  •  I am struggling to get some prints to work. I have an Ender 3 V2, which has been fairly heavily modified. It has the spring mod, a second Z-Axis, a BLTouch, a MicroSwiss DirectDrive extruder, with a custom fan shroud, a 5015 parts cooling fan and a 4020 hotend cooling fan. 
     I am using this printer to print a tablet stand. This thingi: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3146835. This part has hinges that are a tight clearance. Some of these hinge points do not break free without the parts themselves breaking. I have set calibrated the bed, calibrated the flow rate, and still these parts won't print correctly. 

    Any suggestions?

    p.s. I have a Prusa I3 MK3S+ and a Prusa Mini right next to this Ender 3 V2 and they print this model perfectly, so the model works fine on other printers.

  • @Ahand59 Any pictures or information about detailing exactly what is wrong with the printed part would help.
    After so many mods have you recalibrated EVERYTHING?
    This site looks really good this purpose, not yet tried it myself.

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