print not sticking to the bed

  • i recently got an ender pro 3 and i did my first two prints and they were fine. every other print i have done since then is not sticking to the bed and the print is unsticking halfway through the print any suggestions on how i can fix this.

  • @Tapiwa-Matiza The importance of getting the first layer perfect cannot be over emphasised. It is critical.
    Suggest stopping your print before the second layer completes and measuring the thickness of the first layer. Should be as set in your slicer (usually 0.2mm).
    Adjust the bed to somewhere between 0.2 - 0.3mm on the first layer.

    After this poor adhesion is often down to:
    Bed not level
    Bed temperature (I use 60° for PLA)
    Material temperature (1 use 215° for PLA)
    Dirty / greasy print surface (clean with Isoplropyl Alcohol)
    also can be improved with glues (I use 3DLAC spray), printing with Brim among many other options.

    Get the first layer height right first then share some photos of your prints if you still have problems.

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