APPLE Mac Users

  • Will this work seamlessly with a Macbook Pro or any of my Apple products, Ipad, iphone, Macbook Laptops? The CP-01 or other Creality products? Do we have a special group just for Apple Mac users here?

  • @drakisan
    I have the same issue with my new iMac. Is there a know bug report for this issue? Seems a bit of bad issue to have not connecting to the latest machines. I guess I have keep the old iMac around or fire up Octoprint again. It's not well supported on that application either.

  • I have the latest version of Cura installed (4.12.1) on both a MacBook with Intel and my new MacBook with M1. With my Intel Macbook I can connect to my Ender 3 V2 through USB with no problems. The MacBook with M1 doesn't work in any way unfortunately... Cura works fine, but no USB connection.
    Back to the old fashioned Micro-SD-card I guess till we get a fix.

  • @JimHardy I can confirm that the latest version of Cura works fine with macOS Big Sur (I don't have the M1 chip, so can't confirm that works).
    However cannot use the printer (Ender 5 Pro) via USB!
    The USB mkpkg in the software that came with the printer is not compatible with Big Sur. I guess because it is not 64bit?

  • @josepharthur I'm using Cura (latest version) to print to my new Ender 3 v2 just fine. That with my iMac. I've not tried with my MacBook Pro since it's the M1 version.

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