CP-01 & MACBOOK Pro [ not downloading / working ]

  • I just got the CP-01 . My main computer is a MacBook Pro. (latest operating system Catalina 10.16.6 ) I can not seem to download or get the file to work . I have the flash drive / SD card it came with. But is there an update.


  • I also am using a Macbook Pro but i am running Window 10 Bootcamp as i found it to be easier. I will try using the Macbooks OS to see if I can get everything to work the same. What are you trying to achieve? I can give tips on 3D printing but I am stuck on the CNC and Laser portion. Can do basic/easy engraving but trying to do more like 3D CNC and Laser Cut different materials.

  • @josepharthur I expect the CNC mode of this printer will be the most compromised capability of the the 3 modes. For support on this forum I'd recommend PLA. The tool chain is very straight forward and well supported by multiple software options.

    Model -> .STL -> Slicer -> G-Code

    If you're looking to fail fast and send the unit back go with CNC.

  • @josepharthur Out of interest what software is supplied with the CP-01 printer? I have a separate machine for carving and lasering and always on the lookout for alternative software.

  • Ill try again. i am only trying the CNC portion. if this does not work I will return the entire machine (i have not used the PLA or laser yet) I presume the CNC / engraver would be the most simplist of functions of the three.

  • Hi mate the problem is you brought a pretty terrible product, really sorry but I made the same mistake

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