Problem on the bed from CR-10S Pro V2

  • Hi everyone, (I'm french so I must commited some faults) 😮

    I'm here because I have a problem with my bed, it's not completely flat. It's lower at the center, compared to the sides... So i ask you for some help and some solution, because it kill all my projects i want to print... 😭
    I saw some buildtak beds, or glass beds, but i don't know what to choose. And i used my automatic liveling, and it says that my second bed (the inferior, the one where there is the resistance to heat), is not flat too... 😞 So I'm so confused to be in this situation with a new 3D printer... 😭

    If you can give me some ideas or tricks to resolve my problem, I'm open to all answers 😄

  • Dear @Darcop666,
    The hotbed plate is a machined part, and there may be a little error. The deviation within 0.3mm of the platform is a reasonable range. It is recommended to pad a few sheets of paper offset error between the printing platform and the hotbed and add a raft when slicing;

    If the heating bed is severely bent, please remove the four nuts under the heating bed. Please refer to the video to measure with a ruler. If it can penetrate 3 sheets of A4 paper to indicate the error, provide the measurement video and printer manufacturing code to your seller

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