Auto leveling freezes

  • Hello,
    I have enjoyed my Ender 3 V2 a lot and it was time to install a BL Touch and that was almost successful.
    The problem is that the printer freezes when I select "Auto home" or "Level". Nothing is moving at all.

    The BL Touch is in place and I updated the software by putting the bin file from creality3dofficial on the miniSD cart and putting it into the slot. I think this went well, because I now have a new start screen with the option "Level". But then after selecting this the printer freezes.

    First I disconnected the old z-axis because I thought it wouldn't need that any more. Then this problem. Then I reconnected it and still this problem...

    The BL Touch is working, because the pin goes out and in when I turn on the printer.

    New screen:
    new screen.jpg

    Here it freezes:

    Nice colours:
    bl touch.jpg

    The bin file:

    Does someone have a idea how I can fix this?
    Thank you in advance!!!

  • @JohanK For the benefit of other readers:
    4.2.2 & 4.2.7 are different controller boards. Firmware for 4.2.2 is not compatible with firmware for 4.2.7 or the other way round.

  • It is solved. I used the older version V4.2.2 instead of 4.2.7 and that one works!

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