Can you use Rhino software

  • So I bought Thus machine on eBay and it said it supports Rhino and wanted to confirm that, as I Do have the software.

  • @telephasic okay also good stuff, I know rhino can do it, because there are loads of videos of them doing so, but yeah good point being that this is the newer model 3-D printer I doubt they’ll have the settings to set the proper parameters ect. Thanks

  • @BobB okay ya, that might be easier I’ll see exactly what is easiest, lol don’t know till ya try. Thanks

  • @Bruce also unfamiliar with rhino myself, but it seems to be aimed at the modelling aspect, and not necessarily specialized in slicing, even if it has some capability.

    My guess is that you are better off making/editing your models in it if you are comfortable with it, but exporting the model to .stl or so, and then use cura or similar slicer to arrange the print, make supports, infill, etc., and finally generate the g-code. Cura is made only to do that, so is likely more capable, and there will be way more community support to help.

    Creality's "cura" comes with profiles for their printers (ender-6 is the exception 😂 not in there yet I think. have to edit ender-5 or something). You can use these, or else refer to to help you set up the right settings/parameters if you do use rhino or something else.

    Since you already bought it, I guess you can try, see, and don't forget to report 😀 good luck and have fun

    edit: sorry i had it mixed up about slicer profiles:

    • Creality Slicer (as of v. 4.2.1) does have a built-in Ender-6 profile.
    • Ultimaker Cura (as of v. 4.8.0) does not have Ender-6, but you can make one easily enough by modifying a copy of a different Ender (adjusting build size, print speed, etc. to suit the 6).

  • @Bruce If Rhino has a built in slicer then the g-code it generates will likely be compatible. The g-code must be specifically tailored to a 3D printer. As you know it contains commands to move x,y,z,tools etc. Without understanding the NC machine g-code generation is not possible.
    Alternatively, look to see if Rhino outputs .STL files then use slicer software such as Cura or Slic3r which generates the g-code for your printer.

  • @Stefano okay, thanks though, if you know anyone who does please send my way, thanks again

  • @Bruce I didn't know you were already familiar with CNC machines, sorry for the misunderstanding. I haven't had the chance to try Rhino with a Creality printer, so I don't know if it would work as you expect.

  • @Stefano What I was trying to asked will it read what rhino spits out, I know it takes G code that’s all rhino does is spit out G code, it’s a software that generates vectors and many other cool things what I’m asking is can it read what rhino spits out because rhino can do 3-D and can splice the 3D image. In a nutshell does it understand and support MacSoft Rhino?

    Just so everyone looking at this page knows I’m a machinist, I worked in the oil field but being that I’m messing around with a 3-D printer I want to make sure I’m using the right equipment for the 3-D printer I’m very familiar with G code.

    Thanks as always for a support and help

  • @Bruce I don't think the machine itself supports Rhino, as it only understands g-code instructions as most CNC machines. Of course you can export the models you made in Rhino, slice them with Cura, Slic3r or any other slicing software you like and then export the g-code on a sd card to print them.

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