3D printer corrupts my SD card

  • Hi there,

    Bit of an issue with my CR6SE.
    Printing went fine until today my printer couldn't read the G-code files anymore.
    Not even G-codes I've already printed that were still on there.
    The SD-card itself can't even be opened on my computer. I even can't format it anymore.
    So I thought the SD card itself just broke so I boucht another one.
    But after I loaded a new G-code en stuck it in the printer I had the same problem. Not reading and I can't open it on my computer nor can I format it.

    So Ithink the printer dit someting with it but I have no clue what it is. Can't find anything online so a little help would be nice.


  • @Ownmaxd My TF to SD adapter caused a similar issue. If you're using one try changing it over.

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