Horrible prints

  • I have a V2 with the all metal extruder, BL touch, everything else stock. The other day my extruder started popping, I checked the upgraded Bowden tube, hot end, changed the nozzle, re-leveled the bed manually and with the BL touch, reset my z-offset, verified my extruder calibration, re-accomplished my bed and hot end PID and the printer is printing like crap even though the extruder is no longer popping. The issues didn’t occur until after my extruder started popping and when I extrude material through the nozzle to calibrate my z-steps it extrudes fine.

    I’ve searched google and believe that I’m doing everything I can to remedy this so I post for help.

    Also, my first layer seems to print fine, then the next 5-6 layers print like crap, then it’s fine again.

    I’m using PrusaSlicer and have been for quite some time so I don’t think it is that. I’ve attached a picture to show what the current print did, taken just before I cancelled it.[link text](![link url](![image url](BDEF600C-2E46-413B-B6A5-B5D765660D44.jpeg image url)))

  • So I printed an XYZ cube with different filament and the bottom layer is fine, the next 5-6 layers look like crap, then the rest of the layers look fine. 4564D8E5-B323-43F8-B1CA-571A99AA798D.jpeg 7FC30C46-4583-4A79-B0EF-C0998B8DADA5.jpeg A5957C8C-9CC1-4732-8AB1-73E3FC602462.jpeg

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