Ender 3 V2 stuck on Autohome/Motors unresponsive

  • Need some help. Setup my v2 last night and everything was going fine until the autohome part of the build.

    The extruder and bed do not move at all. Motors don't move on the X, Y, or Z axis. Auto Home runs forever and does not complete or move the extruder. Using the screen under the 'Prepare' section to move the extruder and the bed does not work either.

    I've tried updating the firmware and swapping the X and Y power cables. I was wondering if I should open it up and look at the motherboard? I wish they kept the 2 screw entry to the MB compartment from the pro. It's like 6 screws to get to the motherboard in a v2.

    Is there an official place to download firmware? The firmware update I tried broke my screen and I had to follow these instructions to fix the problem https://forum.creality.com/topic/94/ender-3-v2-black-screen?lang=en-US

    Fan works, belt tension seems fine, bed and extruded aren't stuck, the axis limiters also seem fine. I've double checked wire positions. Any pointers would be extremely helpful.


    Stuck on Auto Home
    alt text

    Firmware update
    alt text

    No Y Axis Movement
    alt text

  • Hi,

    For people reading this.
    I found my issue to be the hardware version.
    I have a a new Ender3V2 assuming I had the hardware version 4.2.7
    I installed BL touch with Hw ver 4.2.7 Everything broke. I went removed Bl Touch
    Re flashed with 4.2.7 hw fw still broke.
    Went to stock fw from factory on whim noted it was for aware 4.2.2.
    Motors all OK.
    Updated to latest fw on hw ver 4.2.2 levelled bed and benchy is on his way.
    As a side note I dod note a weird noise from the z Axis motor that didn't happen on my first failed print. The clasp was too close to the motor and was rubbing. Moved it up 5mm. All good.

  • @ctron Hi, it was my sons first day with his Ender 3 v2 Wednesday. Set up was fine and printed the little dog. Then yesterday, having changed nothing it wouldn't work. When we turned it on and tried to move an axis or even heat it up it sounded like one of the motors was really struggling. Nothing moved but it still heated up. After about 20 YouTube videos I gave up for the night. This morning I found your thread on here and although our problem was different your post made me look at it differently. So our problem was needing more lubricant on the metal screw bar for z axis plus the barrel at the bottom of the screw bar was down as far as it would go literally grinding on the motor. No wonder it was making a noise. So I just lubricated it all, took it apart and moved up the metal barrel part. Now it's working fine. Sorry for my terminology, as you might tell I'm a novice.

  • I just set mine up as well and am having the same issue

  • @louis1ace
    I found the problem for me.
    The belt on the x-axis belt was not on the cog... It was just slipping on the shaft. Once the belt was out back on the cog, Auto home completed ok

  • I had the same problem. I had mistakenly updated the firmware to the version for the 4.2.7 board. My board is the 4.2.2

    I have now downloaded the correct firmware which is:

    Ender-3 V2_4.2.2
    Marlin-2.0.1 – V1.0.2 (Factory Firmware)

    from https://forums.creality3dofficial.com/download/ender-series/ender-3-v2/

    I have installed it and the auto homing works again!!!

  • @ctron I flashed down to the older firmware which now has motors working again. But how did you level the bed with the BL touch.

  • @admin
    Hello, I have the same problem, I have not seen any other solution suggestions except this forum, but the first video in the link was removed by the uploader and I did not understand how to do this kind of work. Can you help me?

  • I have the same problem. Assembled last, everything was fine. Printed several items. This morning it made sound when autohome on Y.
    I tested manually switch on Y axis and it stopped motor. Also all manual move work perfectly in all 3 axis.
    Firmware should be out of the picture since it was working on the same firmware before.
    I suspected switch, but switch is actually working when pressing manually, but autohome still stuck

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  • Dear @hypertyper

    Thanks for your feedback, we have upgraded all the firmware in the Creality download, please check if you need., Thank you

  • @admin I just wanted to point out that this fixed the issue for me. I had downloaded the supposedly latest firmware from the official website which left my device unresponsive in terms of motors. The linked 1.0.2 resurrected my device and left me with a flawless first print.

    Shame that the official download seems to cause issue. Otherwise it has been a pretty cool experience.

  • Ok … it took a bit of reading, testing, and … pulling. Here is what happened, maybe this helps someone else like me.

    • I have a new Ender V2, with the BLtouch addon installed from the start
    • My problem was, nothing was moving. Auto-homing stuck.

    This is what went wrong:

    • I downloaded the firmware linked from the BLtouch page. This is a Google Drive link, to an V4.4.7 firmware for BLtouch 1.3.1 (V4.2.7-Ender-3 V2-32bit Mainboard-Marlin-2.0.1-V1.3.1-BLTouch-TMC2225). This is the only firmware in that folder for Ender 3v2, it is "official", so it must be the correct one! … WRONG!
    • I found some other "official" download links, giving me options like : 4.4.7 and 4.4.2 … 1.1.1 and 1.3.1 … I tried them all, some just beeped, most got stuck.
    • After a while I flashed the original 1.0.1 (non BLtouch) version and figured out that e.g. X axis is moving when triggering manually.
    • So opened up my board again, found out that I had an 4.4.2 board, assumed that 1.1.1 was the right BLtouch version (due to the clue "without adapter board", as I had none)
    • Motors moved, just now downwards. Autohoming started, but got stuck in the middle (I assumed it waited to move down, but it somehow did not)
    • I read some information about the firmware blocking downward movement if the Z-axis switch triggers (which is replaced be the BLtouch here) I also recalled youtube video that sometimes the BLtouch gets stuck. It is a magnetic mechanism, which gets pushed down and then pulls up when pushed upwards. My BLtouch was light up red.
    • I manually pulled out the pin, just to see what happens. And carefully pushed it back in. The BLtouch turned off …
    • I retried autohoming and it started with pushing down the pin by itself.

    So aside from the firmware issues, it looks like the BLtouch probe simply was stuck a bit too much. Maybe because it wasn't used yet, maybe because of another reason. Manually pulling it out made it work.

    However, I think the following things have gone horribly wrong here

    • The BLtouch product page should not link to a google drive which contains only one version of the firmware, which might not be the correct one for everyone.
    • The firmware should ideally verify that it is running on the correct board and warn the user if not.
    • There should be clear indications on the BLtouch and the Ender which revision they are … opening up the board compartment isn't a good idea to find out about that. Any my BLtouch probe actually shows the version 3.1.
    • On the firmware download page there should be some clear explanations which version to download, its a mix of versions … and when you are new, you have no clue. And users will always pick the "newest" version, so 4.4.7 over 4.4.2 … because it doesn't mention that this is the board version and not the firmware version.
    • Ideally there should be an error code displayed when the auto-leveling fails … and error code which you find again on the web page … which explains that this might be due to "cause 1 … 2 … 3" … and one of the tips should be to "carefully pull out the pin of the BLtouch"

    That was my first day with the Ender 3 v2 … tomorrow will be better I guess 🙂

  • I just assembled my Ender v2 with BLtouch and have the same issue. Nothing moves.

    Flashing the 1.0.2 linked below allows me to move the motors again, however it doesn't seem to be a BLtouch firmware.

    So are newer firmwares or BLtouch simply broken?

  • Did you do a RESET EEPROM after flashing new firmware ?

    This menu item can be found under configuration > advanced configuration > initialize EEPROM < ?

  • I understand this frustration. My machine is brand new. It worked on day 1. Did some test prints. Worked fine. This morning, blank screen. Did some sleuthing and found an online solution. It fired back up! But, before I tried printing anything, I wanted to make sure it was still leveled and correct after the firmware flashing. Went to auto-home and it's stuck on the auto-homing mode too. I noticed that as of this morning (03.08.2021) there is a new firmware update for the LCD screen. Not sure if this is for the auto-homing issue or the blank screen. Any thoughts, ideas or fixes to get the auto-homing to finish it's procedure and not be locked up?

  • I'm having this same problem, and updating the firmware did nothing... I am really disappointed in Creality customer service. I read a bunch of reviews that said this was a good 3d printer to get as a beginner, but that is turning out to be very untrue. I have been emailing with customer service as well, and they are no help. I am beginning to think I will never figure this out and I just wasted 270 dollars.

  • @michaeld63 I've managed to download bin that @admin posted and everything started work for me so I don't understand why latest creality bin files stopped all motors...

  • I’m having a similar issue. Fully assembled my new Ender 3v2. Following the instructions, I tried auto homing. The print head repositions to what looks like the spot that would be 0,0 on an x y coordinate and then the display is stuck at “Auto homing...Please don’t other operation” and the display stays there. I checked the voltage (115) and the x/y cable. Firmware is 1.0.2. I have not opened the cover to see if the motherboard is wired correctly.

    Please advise.

  • @admin I had exactly the same problem. I hadn't tried my printer, I just built it and then flashed it to 1.3.1. When I powered it up none of the motors worked. They all locked up for 2-3 seconds and then released. That was all it did. The bed heated, but nothing else worked. To keep it short, I flashhed it down to 1.0.2 and everything worked. Suffice it to say that I'm a very happy camper! I hope that this works for those of you with the same problem.
    My printer is the Ender 3 v2. The original flash was 1.0.1.

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