The 3 in 1 printer sucks so bad

  • I brought the 3 in one printer. This product actually really sucks, it does 3 things but does them all badly, the laser engraving can be good but there is no way to predict where it will engrave, as soon as u turn it on the laser turns on so will ruin you piece. The cnc is advertised as being able to carve 3d designs, which is a total lie all it can do it carve outlines 1mm deep and it does it terribly, was very upset as this was the main reason i brought the thing, tried to return it during the 30 day return and creality just refused to take it back or give me any money back. there are loads of software to create great tool paths for cutting or engraving your design but this machine is not compatible with any and you are stuck with crealites terrible software. the 3d Printing is probably the best part but it can be a little inaccurate with small pieces, i used the 3d printer a whole of 3 times, then the filament got stuck inside, while trying to make it print the cable that attaches to the 3d print module fell off (because the screws to hold it in don't work) and the whole thing sparked and almost caused a fire, now when ever I try to use it I get a warning about preheating and i am scared it will blow up! i just desperately want my money back 😞 they can have this piece of shit back.

  • Roger that. They say their stuff is upgradeable. It's not. They don't supply the firmware source files needed. Boooo! Very disapointed. This has been a change. They used to participate in the 3d printing community. If they think they can go it alone I think they will ver very surprised. Do they want to be Xerox or Harley Davidson?

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