Ender 5 Pro Connect to PC by USB

  • I've searched all around for guides on how to connect my Ender 5 Pro to my PC directly through a USB cable, but the vast majority of what I've found applies to connecting with a Raspberry Pi. My printer sits next to my desk/PC and I have a good quality USB data cable (data, not just charging), but having difficulty getting my Windows 10 PC to detect the printer. It comes up as USB Serial device, but none of the USB drivers packaged on the SD card are detected as correct for this.

    Anyone have some tips on this or can point me to a guide specifically for direct PC connections? I noticed a very similar User manual floating around for the Ender 5 that indicates a USB cable was supplied at one time (didn't come with mine), but even that manual did not include instructions for connection. Many thanks.

  • Okay, so after playing around with this a bit more in Cura, I figured it out. Here's the steps in case this helps others.

    Ensure your USB cable is connected and turn on your printer. Startup your OctoPrint server and access through the webUI. In Cura/Creality Slicer go to Preferences, then Printers, select your printer and there should be a button "Connect OctoPrint". This will open another window where you select your OctoPrint instance and then enter the API Key. That key you obtain from OctoPrint WebUI, Settings, and then API. The recommendation in OctoPrint recommends that you generate an Application Key instead of using the Global API, which is good advice. The Application Keys option is directly below API in the Settings menu. Generate your API key and copy/paste that into the API Key field in Cura. It should immediately update with User name and the options adjust accordingly. If all went well, you should see an option in the slicer to Print with OctoPrint.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the response. I see nothing like what you are referring to. I'm using Creality Slicer 4.2.

  • Dear @Mountaindale

    Turn the printer off and restart, connect the line and open the slicing software, pull in the model for slicing, click the small triangle on the side of the save file, select USB connection to print

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