Ender 6 touch screen unresponsive

  • I bought an Ender 6 on Feb 2nd, and put it together a couple days ago. After painstakingly triple checking every step i final got it together. When I turned it on the operating system loaded perfectly but the touch screen wouldn't take any of inputs. occasionally it will recognize a tap here or there but nothing quite good enough to do anything. I've sent a service email. Any help to get my machine going while i work on the touch screen issue? It's been a long road to get here, and being so close but so far to printing is frustrating.

  • Dear @EchoSixSierra

    Check if the line is wrongly connected or broken, if there is no problem with the line, you can try to brush the firmware. If the firmware does not work, please replace the screen
    The firmware download platform:

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